Custom Combination

Wanting a white painted tile with the 3D LUX rose gold lettering?

Or a black painted tile with 3D Sassy black lettering? Or perhaps just a white painted tile with a custom colour OG lettering.

The options are just endless! And because of the endless options, it was too hard to upload every single combination.

But they are all possible!

This listing is here to tell you, If you are after something you can’t see, simply email me at with your specific enquiry (Eg, 5 small tiles, painted white, lilac sweetie lettering) and I can get back to you with the quote.

If you require helping designing your bundle, that is not a problem either, let me arrange that too!

From there I will create a custom listing on the website for you so you can utilise the payment options to complete your order.

I can’t wait to see the fun combinations we make.